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St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Albany, GA


St. Paul’s is known for being a warm and welcoming church and Newcomers are very important to us. We welcome all new families and potential members when they visit us.  We have had a number of new families join us this past year and we have worked to help them get involved in our church life.  When a new member attends church, we have cards in the pews to be filled out so that we can reach out to the visitor or new family with a note or a loaf of bread.  We encourage them to know about the Sunday school classes offered for adults and children, along with other opportunities for spiritual growth, worship, and fellowship.  During the year, we have one or more social gatherings for Newcomers at someone's home and encourage new friendships.  We are so eager for our Newcomers to feel a part of our church family so that they can experience the love of St. Paul's to its fullest.  Contact for more information: Annabelle Stubbs at 888-7538 or Molly Swan at 436-6649.


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